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    Proudly Manufactured in South Africa
    We’ve distilled what continues to prove itself over and over,
    and how we can help you realize your dream Artificial Grass garden.
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    Our strong service portfolio consists of exquisite Artficial Grass installations
    and a gorgeous Artificial Grass product range
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    We believe that quality must be measureable,
    it must be represented in our Artificial Grass product range and workmanship
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Why we are superior in choice for your Artificial Grass projects

Being one of the FIRST Synthetic Grass companies in South Africa, We never take our role as market leader for granted. Instead, we constantly innovate and improve our services, methods and products to remain number one.
Our strong service portfolio consists of really exquisite Synthetic Grass installations and a gorgeous Artificial Grass product range that cuts across the complete Synthetic Grass industry in South Africa.
We know each client is unique, so fully understanding every client we partner with, ensures a customized installation plan designed to achieve their specific goals/dream at the minimum cost.
Our mantra for success is single-fold customer satisfaction, if not delight.
We not only strive to deliver further, better and quicker; but also listen actively to feedback we receive from our customers to try and enhance our service delivery experience.
We at Turfscape believe that quality must be measureable, it must be represented in our product range and workmanship, because that is essential/vital for us to earn your trust.

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8 Years Warrantee on All our Artificial Grass Products

Our famous Synscape™ Artificial Grass range carries an 8 year warrantee.

Synthetic grass

our artificial grass is all produced with C-Shaped Yarn

C-Shaped Synthetic Grass yields much more resistance to flatness and much less maintenance.

Synthetic grass

Double mesh backing and contains no lead

Double layer backing on Artificial Grass lends itself to a much more durable product.

The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little Extra and that is what we offer all our clients.
It's a promise

- Turfscape -
artificial grass
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Our Vision And Mission

Our skills in Artificial Grass installations and our reliability to deliver high quality end products, is what sets us apart from others.
For over 25 years we have been servicing our clients in Gauteng Area.
We honour our commitment to our valued customers who choose to come to us for not only our exquisite range of products, but also our professional expertise.
We have a simple philosophy... make sure we have delivered our job to the best of our experience
to create our edge of excellence and to ensure that our end result meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.
We use a systematic approach on all our projects and is managed in-house from start to finish.
All our teams consist of a dedicated Team Leader that is vigilant of the three main project dependencies,i.e:-
* Causal (logical)
* Resource constraints
* Discretionary (preferential)
and will be confered to the client at all times right through the project as-or-when deemed necessary Because we are leaders in the Synthetic Grass industry, we display our integrity by using facts to support our products and services.
We create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust.
We insist on excellence in all we do for clients and ourselves, striving always for recognition among the leaders in our industry.
We accept individual responsibility for our commitments and expect to be accountable for results.
Turfscape generates customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations through creativity, innovation and teamwork.
Through this, we have developed solid relationships with all our clients over the years.
We constantly monitor and evaluate new products and propose the best solution to fit your budget and schedule.
Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients,
to whom all of Turfscape is committed to deliver exceptional service and value.

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Trust in our experience.

Simply put, we listen and understand your needs regarding your project. Close collaboration with many companies, home owners, schools, clubs and practices like yours has given us valuable expertise that readily translates into a key area of trust.

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Trust in our solutions.

Leveraging our knowledge of your project, we’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate the latest technologies used in the synthetic grass industry. There’s tremendous value in providing quality Synthetic grass products, that match your needs at a cost effective price and functions the way you intended. To complement that powerful portfolio, we provide a variety of products, services and support offerings that tap into the experience base of our team..

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Trust in our results.

Over time, with our high quality synthetic grass products and innovative ways to provide best solutions, Turfscape began to build a reputation for delivering the high quality projects. You become known by your client base. These relationships were founded on a genuine interest in creating win-win scenario between our clients and us.

We’d be honoured to apply our experience, solutions and results on your behalf and start to gain your trust.

Artificial Grass

Cricket Nets(Affies Pretoria) & Playground(FNB JHB)

Artificial Grass

Playground Woodhill College & Puttinggreen(Pro-Shop)

Artificial Grass
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Latest artificial grass projects

  • synthetic grass installation

    Silver Lakes(Hole3)

    Product:- Pro-Putt / Synscape Lux 35mm

    Removed old debris, level area, construct the base, and install putting green with fringes.

  • synthetic grass installation


    Product:-Synscape Lux 35mm

    Completely removed all Kikuyu grass, level the area, install 689m² Synscape Lux and construct a puttinggreen.

  • synthetic grass installation

    Dainfern College

    Product:- Turf Cricket Pitch

    Construct a complete new Cricket pitch at Dainfern College. Cricket pitch constructed with our own Cricket Clay(Bulli) source.

  • synthetic grass installation

    Waterfall Curo

    Product:- Syn40 40mm

    Level new construction site, construct a drainage base and install 480m² Syn40 Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass
synthetic gras

Don't go with the first quote/product, BUT,
Become Artificial Intelligent

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Make sure you read synthetic grasScams & CheapTricks

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass

Our Synthetic Grass & Cricket Services

Not only are we a leading company in the Synthetic Grass industry,
but our broad range of capabilities and professional services includes the following:-
* Construction of Synthetic Cricket Pitches
* Cricket net construction (Single and Multiple constructions)
* Clay Cricket Pitches (Club and school levels)
* Suppliers of high quality cricket clay (Bulli), Sifted and Pebbles
Our service motto is based on these three pillars:- Excellence, Experience & Integrity.
As a leading Artificial Grass Company,
we act as a trusted advisor to our clients, helping them devise strategies and ideas to enhance the value of their Synthetic Grass investment.

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Synthetic/Artificial Grass

We design, construct and supply sport/practice facilities with synthetic grass for golf putting greens, landscaping projects, residential court yards, commercial applications, playgrounds, and more.

synthetic grass installation
  • 8 Year Warrentee, C-shaped, Double mesh
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Cricket Pitches & Nets

We build Turf Cricket pitches, Construct Practise Cricket Nets and Synthetic Cricket pitches for schools, clubs and residential, and only make use of our own very high quality inhouse cricket clay(bulli).

synthetic grass installation
  • Turf & Synthetic Cricket pitches & Nets of any size
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Cricket Pitch Clay(Bulli)

Both our Cricket pitch clay(Bulli) in of the highest standard you can get in South Africa. It's been proven accross South Africa and 99% of all schools and cricket clubs in Gauteng make use of our product

synthetic grass installation
  • High Quality Bulli, extensively used throughout Gauteng
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Artificial Grass

Why Our Artificial Grass Products are Superior to Any Other...

Highest Quality, Most Realistic & Lowest Cost Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Current Artificial Grass Project

Construction of a 5-A-Side Soccer pitch with a 40mm infill-type Synthetic Sports Turf.


A solid Drainage base constructed and stabilized for good drainage purposes

artificial grass

Final stages. Pitch is infilled with silica sand and rubber granules

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass

Our Portfolio

Please view our Galleries to prove that Quality is represented in our product range and workmanship

Artificial Grass

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