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Turfscape only make use of a high quality bulli / clay, which is tested and approved by  Cricket South Africa, for pitch-  construction and maintenance.  It is important to choose bulli which give good ball bounce and pace in cricket pitches.

Cracking: The clay content requirement varies between 50% - 70%.  Higher clay content could cause wide cracks in the pitch.  The grass on the perimeter of these cracks grow very well but insufficient air and water will reach the roots will result in poor growth.  Organic material can also fall into this cracks causing a soft pitch with poor ball bounce. Wide cracks is also dangerous to the  batsman as the ball may hit the edges of the cracks and deviate in all directions.

Smaller cracks stimulate grass growth as water and air penetrates easier to the roots. Essentially these cracks allow for water to quickly wet the whole pitch, which is needed for good pitch preparation. Low clay content will result in too little or no cracks at all with very little water penetration and results in shallow root development.

Shrinkage: Linear shrinkage should be between 0.08 - 0.15, type of clay 2:1 swell/shrink clay. Clay swell and shrink as the water content changes. Shrinkage cause cracks in the pitches. Excessive shrinkage will result in too wide and large cracks.

Organic matter: Less than 5% organic matter should be present in bulli. Organic matter will cause the pitch to become spongy with poor ball bounce.

Fine sand : 20 - 50% & Coarse sand: 0-10%: Too much sand content in clay, do provide grip to the ball and can damaged the ball. It also prevent sufficient compaction of the pitch. The pitch will also deteriorate more quicker than required.

USING DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULLI: It is recommended that you use bulli with the same physical characteristics as top dressing material. It should have the same clay content, shrinkage and cracking characteristics. If the types of clay differ, it will not bind together and will swell and shrink at a different rate. This will cause layering in the pitch which result in low and uneven bounce. Core hollowtining could relieve the effects of non binding but pitch re-construction can in cases with serious layering problems be the means of correcting the problem.

Reference... Principles and practice of pitch preparation, Millennium Turfgrass Conference.

Our bulli is used with great success at SuperSport Park - Willowmoore Park cricket stadium and many schools and clubs.

artificial grass We supply both coarse bulli and sifted bulli, both of which were approved by Cricket South Africa.

Coarse bulli (sizes vary from 100mm - 19mm) is sold per 5m³ loads or bagged, weighing 40kg.


artificial grassSifted bulli, primarily used as top dressing or final layer in pitch construction is sold in 40kg bags. Deliveries can be arranged.


For high quality bulli, please contact us to place your order.

artificial grass

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